Patriotic Greatness of Spirit (Amphonomous Chremes Xenophon)

Information about the work
Title: “Patriotic Greatness of Spirit”

Type: Poetry

First edition date: 23/02/2019

Author: Amphonomous Chremes Xenophon

Original territory: Federated State of Serralia



I was thinking of the palaces that will never be.
on the esplanade where my country was born
and who have now abandoned the eyes of those who
have not yet been born.

I felt a desire to alleviate this burden
but I resorted to my duties as a citizen
to look at the sky and cry out
for a country we’re building.

While the newspapers were announcing
the new corruptelas of a state
It’s not my country
but the one where I was born by accident,
my little illusion is to go on, just like that,
building the alternative.