Senate Tumbles President Macer’s Land Reform

The President of Timeria, Marcus Sallustius Macer, introduced to the Senate an ambitious initiative of territorial reform by means of which it intended to apply the same type of regulation to all the Federated States of Timeria. The proposal sought to apply the same text of the Statute of the Federated State of Pomalia to all the States of the Republic.

All Senators of Serralia from both the Socialist Party and the National Party voted against President Macer’s proposal, making it impossible to get a simple majority in the Senate to pass territorial reform. Senator Zagreus Nicdromus Skiron said the President’s proposal is insulting to the historic territory of Serralia, as it has no regard for the political tradition of the Federated State. The Senator and President of the Senate, Olympia Leonora Terentia, was in favour of the proposal, but voted against it because it did not recognise the historical territoriality of Serralia and its characteristic system of government.