Serralia Will Preserve Its Traditional Form of Government

The President of the Republic, Marcus Sallustius Macer, informed the media early in the afternoon that he will return to send a proposal for territorial regulation to the Senate of Timeria in which he will include the right of the Federated State of Serralia to preserve its own traditional form of government, thus maintaining the bicameral parliamentary structure and the two consuls as the highest governors of the State.

The Federal Government first tried to apply the same type of Statute to all the Federated States, based on the text of the Statute of Pomalia, but the Senate overturned its proposal by the dissenting votes of the representatives of the Federated State of Serralia, both from the National Party and the Socialist Party.

Serralia will be the only Federated State that will keep a single Statute, since the senators of Serralia have repeatedly shown themselves to be in favour of applying the same type of Statute to the rest of the territories of the Republic on the basis of the Pomalia Statute, as President Macer always tried to apply.