Theology: Selene and Endimion

Original by Lycurgus Onesiforos Elasus in Spanish, translation by Numa Parthenopaeus Thymotes.

The goddess Selene is sister of Helios (Sun) and Eos (Dawn). Daughter of the titan Hyperion and of Theia – also called Thetis -, she began being honored by her ancestors as an independent divinity, and then identified with Artemis, already in Rome with Diana, who ruled the Moon.

Selene is an intercessor between humans and gods.

She fell in love with a shepherd named Endimion, brave, tall and slender, and thus began to dodge her nocturnal duties of guiding the lunar transit in the Heavens. This caught the attention of other gods, who began to suspect Selene’s behavior. The gods never found her because she was always elusive, from one place to another. In fact, Selene slept every night next to Endymion.

When Zeus found out about the relationship, he intervened to make Selene take responsibility for her duties again, because she was getting too pale to devote all her time to the shepherd neglecting everything else. Zeus called the shepherd and forced him to choose between dying the way he chose or an eternal dream in which he would never grow old. Endymion chose to sleep.

In a cave on Mount Latmos (Carian), Endymion still sleeps and Selene still escapes, when she can, to visit him. When she sits next to her shepherd, the Moon vanishes until it disappears. When she returns to her duties, the Moon grows back to Full. According to the wise Endymion gave Selene five daughters, although he is always asleep and only sees her in dreams.

Endymion is the “sleeping” part of the human mind, an unidentifiable part, influenced by the lunar phases, especially in dreams. Just as Endymion created five daughters in dreams, the human being is fertilized by creative ideas in his periods of rest, being in dreams, meditations or daydreams.