Official Journal of Timeria. 12/03/2019.

I. Diasia Literature Award 2019.

Federal Decree no. 2 of 2019, on the organization of Diasia Literature Award 2019.

Article 1. Purposes. The purpose of this Decree is to organize the Diasia Literature Award 2019.

Article 2. Organization. A jury made up of the Prefects of the Institute of Sciences and Humanities IG Vahal will be responsible for choosing, from among all literary works published in Timeria from 1 January to 12 March 2019, a winner to whom a prize of 5.000,00 X will be awarded.

Article 3. Award Ceremony. The award ceremony and the communication of the winner to the press will take place from 00:00 hours on 14 March 2019.

Article 4. A poster of the event with the winner will be published on 14 March 2019, with the literary competition jury choosing the poster from among all the proposals received through the contact form on the official Timeria website, giving the winner a compensation of 2,500.00 X.

The Minister of Culture, Davos Iakchos Myrto.