Official Journal of Timeria. 13/03/2019.

I. Call for the Ordinary Session of the Federal Congress for 16 March 2019.

The President of Timeria, Marcus Sallustius Macer, convenes the Federal Congress to present the attached initiative:

Archive of the Parliament of Timeria
Registration: 01/2019

Type: Law

First edition date: 13/03/2019

Author: Marcus Sallustius Macer

Chamber of the Parliament: Federal Congress

Notes: Proposal of Statute of Timerian Research Society


Article 1. Name.
The institution is called “Timerian Research Society” (abbreviated TIRESO).

Article 2. Objectives.
– Constitutes the purpose of the institution:
“To sponsor research in the fields of Science and Humanities through the organisation of scholarships, prizes and sponsorships of all kinds.”

Article 3. Duration.
The institution will have an indefinite duration, until the Federal Congress of Timeria decides to disintegrate it.

Article 4. Activity evaluation.
The exercise of activities ends every 31 December, and the institution must present a report to the Federal Congress of Timeria on the activities, programs and resolutions adopted during the last financial year.

Article 5. Address.
1. The registered office is set at
2. The administrative body will be competent to decide the creation, removal or transfer of branches.
3. The transfer of the registered office does not require the agreement of the General Meeting, and may be decided by the Administration body.

Article 6. Social capital and budget.
1. The share capital will be subscribed and paid up by the Federal Government of Timeria and by the Federated States in equal parts, through an annual Budget, always before the end of the year.
2. If the Federal Government and the Federated States do not reach an agreement on the Budget, it will be Timerian Parliament that decides on the Budget.

Article 7. Government of the institution.
The institution shall be governed by the provisions contained in the Constitution and the legislation in force in the Federal Republic of Timeria.

Article 8. Structure and power of representation.
1. The institution will be administered, represented and managed by a Board of Directors composed of a Presidency and 2 Counsellors which at no time may be superior or inferior, elected by the Senate of Timeria, or if no agreement is reached, by the Federal Congress.
2. The power of representation corresponds to the Board of Directors, which exercises it collegially.
3. Without prejudice to the provisions, the Presidency is empowered to elevate social agreements to a public instrument.

Article 9. Deadlines
The Board of Directors shall exercise its functions for a period of 2 years, and may not be extended or continue in two consecutive periods.

Article 10. Remuneration
The office of Board of Directors is remunerated according to the provisions of the Budgets in accordance with Article 6.

Article 11. Powers
The Board of Directors, subject to the regime of action corresponding to its structure, holds the power of representation of the institution and may execute everything that is included in the corporate purpose, performing all kinds of acts and contracts, administration, disposition or strict control, principal or accessory, and all types of property and rights.

Article 12. Regime of the Board of Directors
1. The convocation of the Board of Directors corresponds to the Presidency, or whoever takes his place, who shall exercise said faculty whenever he considers it convenient and, in any case, when requested by at least 1 Counsellor, in which case he shall convene to be held within fifteen days of the request.
2. The call shall be made by means of a letter addressed personally to each Counsellor five days before the date of the meeting.
3. All the Counsellors shall have the right to express their opinion on each of the matters to be discussed, without prejudice to the fact that it corresponds to the Presidency to grant the floor and determine the duration of the interventions.
4. The vote of the Presidency shall not be a decision.