President Macer Drives the Creation of the Timerian Research Society

The President of the Republic, Marcus Sallustius Macer, has taken to the Federal Congress an ambitious initiative to create the Timerian Research Society. This public institution would be financed 50% by the Federal Government and the Federated States and its objectives would be to promote research in sciences and humanities through the call and organization of scholarships, competitions and other initiatives.

With this initiative, President Macer consolidates the field of research in the Republic. The Federated State of Pomalia had protested during the negotiations before the approval of the General Budgets of Timeria because it valued that the investment in the public institutes of education and research was insufficient to advance throughout the year.

The initiative will be voted in the Federal Congress next 16 March, and if approved would include the creation of three jobs for the Board of Directors of the Society.