Aristokles Epictetos Ptolemaios, Winner of the Race Lampadoforias 2019

Aristokles Epictetos Ptolemaios was the first to reach the goal of the 5 participants and was the winner of the Race Lampadoforias 2019, held in Hermenepolis, capital of the Republic and the Federated State of Serralia.

The race was held at Dioniso Beach from 19:38 because some participants arrived late. The competition was organized by the Edil Curul elected for the Lampadoforias 2019, Wiew Wers.

Aristokles Epictetos was very satisfied with the victory as he told Game Time “I’ve been training since I found out that the race was going to be held and I haven’t stopped for a day”.

The Lampadoforias race is celebrated with lit lighters. Each runner carries one and during the journey to reach the finish line can not be turned off.