Where I Find Your Soul

Information about the work
Title: “Where I Find Your Soul”

Type: Poetry

First edition date: 31/01/2019

Author: Amphonomous Chremes Xenophon

Original territory: Federated State of Serralia

Notes: Winner of the Diasia Literature Award 2019


I feel
I inspire,
I sigh,
my thoughts slip away,
flow through the corridors of the house,
and it’s strange to feel.

Because in the darkness
everything seems reborn
even though I don’t see anything,
but it’s the clarity
of your words
the one that makes it possible
to live in this moment.

Because reflected in your face
is the coming dawn
that we sigh to conceive
away from any decoy.

That’s why today I have wings
that lead me inward
of your own words
where your soul meets.