Federal Congress

In accordance with article 17 of the Constitution, the Federal Congress exercises legislative power in the Republic. The Federal Congress is made up of 20 seats that are distributed among the congressmen, who hold office for 3 years.

Any congressional candidate may appeal an election result to the Supreme Court.

The Federal Congress will organize its ordinary and extraordinary sessions debating for a maximum period of 48 hours any initiative presented by a Congressman or by 10% of the census of the Republic.

Members of Congress who do not speak before an initiative during the debate period may not exercise their right to vote on the initiative.

The voting of the initiatives will be held 72 hours after having registered one in the Federal Congress.

The Federal Congress will elect a Presidency and a Vice Presidency to manage the debates and votes.


Members of Congress in the Twenty-ninth Legislature, from 28/02/2019 to 28/02/2022.

  1. Augias Kittos Pidytes (National Party)
  2. Karipos Dexicos Mydon (National Party)
  3. Titus Ovidius Barbatus (National Party)
  4. Lucius Livius Bulbus (Socialist Party)