In accordance with article 11 of the Constitution, the nations of the Community are represented in the Senate of the Republic.

The Senate is composed of 10 seats, which are distributed in proportion to the percentage of citizens in the census of each federal state.

Senators serve for 2 years and may be re-elected.

The Senate must be informed immediately of any session in the Federal Congress, and Senators have the right to participate in the Federal Congress.


Members of Senate of Timeria in the Twenty-ninth Legislature, from 28/02/2019 to 28/02/2022.


Socialist Party (SP)

  1. Zagreus Nicodromos Skiron (Serralia)
  2. Manius Caelius Cincinnatus (Koraparadeison)
  3. Aulus Sallustius Labeo (Pomalia)


National Party (NP)

  1. Olympia Leonora Terentia (Serralia)
  2. Servius Manius Bassus (Serralia)
  3. Sextus Domitius Canus (Serralia)
  4. Thessalos Nelpus Kaletor (Serralia)
  5. Ascalaphus Gyrtias Menesthes (Koraparadeison)
  6. Gaius Nautius Cethegus (Instrania)
  7. Amatheia Crisa Cybele (Nomedi)