Timeria is structured through Federated States, which enjoy self-government in all matters except those specified in Article 12 of the Constitution:

      1. Article 12. Powers of the Federal Government.

1. The Federal Government has powers in the following matters:

  • Defense and Security of the Community and citizens.
  • Diplomatic relations.
  • Regulation of barter and economy activities.
  • Transit in the territories of the Community and Infrastructure.
  • Elaboration of General Budgets.
  • Regulation in legal, procedural, commercial, private and procedural matters.
  • Regulation in educational matters.
  • Any type of scope and area that is related to those listed or affects the general interest of the Community.

2. The Community may assign powers to external and higher bodies, provided that it guarantees independence and maneuverability in defense of the general community interest.


Federated States of Timeria


Federated State of Koraparadeison

With a coastline cut off from the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by botanical endemisms and endangered species, Koraparadeison is a place where Hellenistic culture predominates and with a long tradition in poetic production.

Foundation 7 November 2004
Capital Maria Theresa
Official language Spanish
Co-official languages Timerian, Latin
Arianna Koraparadeison Galena



Federated State of Instrania

The northernmost territory of Timeria, located at the western end of the Iberian Peninsula, of Galician culture. It is a territory highlighted by the illustrious journalists and for being mainly orthodox Christian, the historic centre of the Christian Orthodox Church of Timeria.

Foundation 7 November 2004
Capital Herculanum
Official language Galician
Co-official languages Spanish
Mykos Phanias Sebastos



Federated State of the Nomedi

Officially Estat Federat del Nomedi, is a territory located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, of Catalan culture, which stands out for its contributions to scientific dissemination in Timeria.

Foundation 18 November 2018
Capital Ciutat d’Urgell
Official language Catalan
Co-official languages Spanish
President Cepheus Odysseus Carpophorus



Federated State of Pomalia

Territory refound in 2019 by emigrants from English-speaking of Orfalia. Of predominantly Roman and Orthodox Christian culture, it stands out for its expert craftsmen in graphic design.

Foundation 7 November 2004
Capital Ghavoria
Official language English
Co-official languages Latin
President Manius Aurelius Flavus



Federated State of Serralia

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the oldest historical territory of the Republic, even prior to the existence of Timeria itself. Of Greco-Latin culture and polytheist tradition, historical headquarters of the Collegium Pontificum Timeriæ.

Foundation 8 August 2001
Capital Hermenepolis
Official language Spanish
Co-official languages Timerian
Consuls Basilio Zenobio Thaulos and Archesilaus Charopos Gryllus